Changing Styles: Ideas For Furnishing Your Home Or Business

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Changing Styles: Ideas For Furnishing Your Home Or Business

A very warm welcome to my site. I guess you could say that I lead a double life. I am a supply teacher during the week and a furniture flipper on weekends. I never imagined that I would spend my weekends restoring or repurposing furniture to sell at markets, but it has become my obsession. My husband is a contract worker, and I have lived in fifteen different houses during our twenty-year marriage! Every time we move, I insist on refurnishing our new home in a manner that suits its style. This means that I am always selling pieces from previous homes and obtaining new items. Over the years, I have developed a good eye and friends often ask me to help restore or buy furniture. I hope the entries in this blog help others who are seeking ideas for furnishing their home or business. Please enjoy.


Factors to consider when purchasing custom cabinetry

19 November 2015
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Cabinets have an absolutely vital role in the look of your kitchen. It affects how the kitchen feels, works and looks. While they may be one of the more costly components of your kitchen, custom cabinetry will provide a timeless look and will be extremely durable so they will last you for many years. There are many choices to consider when purchasing custom cabinets so here is some advice on how to help streamline that process. Read More …